August 27, 1997

His Excellency Winnie Sorgdrager
Justice Minister of the Netherlands
The Hague
The Netherlands

Your Excellency,

We have received disturbing reports that the Government of the Netherlands has declared Iran to be a safe country, and intends to deport Iranians residing in the Netherlands who have applied for political asylum in order to escape persecution by the Islamic Republic. The facts clearly show that the Islamic Republic continues to hunt Iranian dissidents inside and outside Iran - the mullahs imprison, torture and execute political opponents. Presently, there are thousands of political prisoners in the Islamic Republic. Every year, hundreds of political prisoners are executed on trumped up charges.

Despite Mohammad Khatami's claims that he will bring the rule of law to Iran, the clerical regime continues to imprison, torture and execute Iranians for their beliefs. A few days ago (on August 23), the agents of the Islamic Republic executed Iranian pilot Siavash Bayani. He had been an officer in the Iranian Air Force in the 1970s. After the creation of the Islamic Republic, officer Bayani emigrated with his family to America, and he had been living in the United States until 1995, but he returned to Iran because he had been assured by the Islamic Republic that he would not face any charges from the regime.

However, after his return to Iran, he was arrested by the clerical regime, and he was brutally tortured in prison until his murder by the mullahs. A few days before officer Bayani's execution, Iranian attorney Mohammad Assadi was executed by the outlaw regime. The mullahs murdered Mr. Assadi for his beliefs. In fact, the Islamic Republic has murdered thousands of its opponents in Iran, and dozens of dissidents in Europe.

On April 10, 1997, a German court convicted four terrorists of the Islamic Republic for their part in the assassination of four Iranian Kurd opposition figures in the Mykonos Greek restaurant in Berlin on September 17, 1992. We agree with the German state prosecutor Bruno Jost that the evidence clearly shows that the order for the assassination had been given by the Islamic Republic's leader Ali Khamenei and president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who made the decision in their "Committee for Special Affairs."

We urge you to refer to the reports by the United Nations and Amnesty International regarding the brutal violations of the human rights of the Iranian people by the clerical dictatorship. These reports clearly prove that as long as the Islamic Republic persecutes its opponents, and violates the basic rights of the Iranian people, Iran cannot be considered to be safe for dissidents, and they should not be deported to Iran.

We are very concerned about the health of the Iranian refugees in the Netherlands who are on a hunger strike to protest the efforts of the government of the Netherlands to force them to return to the Islamic Republic. These refugees would face imminent danger if they are delivered to the outlaw clerical regime.

We respectfully urge the Government of the Netherlands to provide all possible assistance to the Iranian refugees in the Netherlands, and immediately stop returning political refugees back to the Islamic Republic. We sincerely thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.


Dr. Khosrow Akmal

Secretary General

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