December 8, 1996
His Excellency Helmut Kohl
Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
139-141, 53113 Bonn

Your Excellency,

We are very concerned about Germany's continued support for the Islamic Republic, despite overwhelming evidence of the clerical dictatorship's campaign to assassinate Iranian dissidents, the regime's violations of human rights, and its repression of the Iranian people.

German prosecutors have presented compelling evidence proving the involvement of the leaders of the Islamic Republic in the September 1992 assassination of Iranian Kurdish leader Sadeq Sharafkandi and three of his colleagues in a Berlin restaurant.

Reports by the United Nations and Amnesty International clearly document the Islamic Republic's brutal record of violating the human rights of the Iranian people. Presently, there are thousands of political prisoners in the Islamic Republic. Every year, hundreds of political prisoners are executed, many on trumped up charges. The mullahs routinely abduct, torture and execute Iranian dissidents inside and outside Iran.

Gross mismanagement of the Iranian economy, pervasive corruption, the plunder of Iran's national wealth, and brutal crimes against the Iranian people have put the Islamic Republic and its leaders on the fast track to self-destruction. Unless Germany abandons its current policy of coddling the Islamic Republic, and adopts a policy of supporting democracy and human rights in Iran, Germany will also be on a fast track to destroying its relations with the Iranian people, and severely damaging its interests in the region.

The members of the Constitutionalists Movement of Iran who have gathered in Washington for CMI's Congress, unanimously, urge you to carefully consider the dangerous consequences of the unwise policy of supporting the Islamic Republic with trade and loans, since Germany's support for the clerical dictatorship will prolong the rule of the mullahs and their reign of terror. Germany's policy of ignoring the brutal violations of the human rights of the Iranian people by the Islamic Republic, the torture of political prisoners, and the assassinations of Iranian dissidents, in order to do business as usual will have extremely negative consequences for Germany's relations with the Iranian people. Regrettably, Germany has done nothing to pressure the leaders of the Islamic Republic to abandon their vicious treatment of the Iranian people.

In order to avoid further damage to Germany's long-term interests in the region, Germany should support the legitimate struggle of the Iranian people for democracy and human rights. We urge you to stop supporting the Islamic Republic with trade and loans. We believe that, as a leading democracy, Germany can have an important role in supporting the movement for democracy and human rights in Iran.

A democratic Iran will restore the good relations that Iran enjoyed with other civilized countries before the Islamic Republic. Therefore, it's in the interest of all democratic governments to support the Iranians who are striving to bring a responsible government to Iran. A democratic Iran will promote mutually beneficial trade relations with all countries.


Dr. Khosrow Akmal

Secretary General